What’s the appeal of trail running?
What’s the appeal of trail running?

Run the most beautiful mountain, flow the most value of

sweat; Explore the unknown, respect nature!

Trail running allows you to forget your training records and goals, leave the stress of the city behind, and create moments of quiet meditation. Think of running outdoors as a chance to relax and simply focus on the rhythm of alternating feet in nature.

A very important reason to attract many runners into the mountains is the primitive charm of nature, the mystery of the unknown, the magnificent scenery, the rolling mountains, the smell of earth, the verdant forest, the solitary yan of wildflowers, the stubborn pine and cypress.There's always a closeness that makes people want to fit in.

Perhaps people should be a part of nature. We all have a primitive gene in our body, which drives us to return to nature and run freely in the mountains and grasslands like our ancestors.

On weekdays, many runners will run in the city, and on weekends, they will go to the suburbs with a few friends to breathe the fresher air, throw away all the pressure and trifles, and freely run, climbing hillsides, standing on the top of the mountain Shouting loudly.

Some people say they like running because it can give them a time alone, let them put aside distractions, face their own heart, talk to themselves. So is cross-country running.

Life is complicated, running is simple. Trail running is not just about running, freedom is its soul.

Trail running is more like a big party, it is like a magnet, will love sports people gathered together, will melt a lot of strange, bring a lot of inexplicable happiness. If you have a group of friends who love running and cross-country, you are very lucky and happy.

The health benefits of trail running

Physically, the soft surface of most mountain trails absorbs some of the impact and has less impact on the joints. If you stick to a moderate running pace, you can minimize or even avoid some of the common running injuries that come with running on the road day in and day out.

Different running trails can also vary greatly. Trail running is more dynamic than road running because of the various obstacles involved in running over or around roots, rocks, leaves, branches, etc. You must vary your gait and stride length to adapt to the changes in the road surface.

In this sense, trail running is an effective way to develop balance and exercise muscle groups that are not used often before. On slopes, downhills, zigzags and at high altitudes, trail running requires greater flexibility in your body.

Trail running medal ,give meaning to the finish!

This unique and profound finishing medal not only records the running time, but also carries the runner's will and sweat.

The pride and satisfaction of completing the challenge turned into the medal hanging on his chest, eager to show the result of finishing the race.

Wearing the medal around your neck, posing with it and kissing it became the most direct way to express this emotion.

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