Paint badge design and production process
Paint badge design and production process

The Paint badge production materials are copper, iron, zinc alloy, etc. Among them, copper is the most used and relatively expensive, and iron paint badges are the cheapest. The surface has obvious concavity and convexity and good texture, which is suitable for the production of middle and high-end badges. It is widely used in the special status symbol of the army, advertising, communication, gift corporate culture inheritance and brand promotion.



1. The surface of the paint badge can be coated with a layer of transparent protective resin (Poly), and the surface will be bright and smooth after the glue is applied. This kind of paint badge can also be called a drip badge.

2. The paint badge has bright colors, clear lines and strong metal texture. The concave part of the metal can be painted with color paste and pigment. The convex part is the metal effect after electroplating. Many kinds of metals can be used as materials, and the price is higher than that of imitation enamel badges. Enamel badges are slightly cheaper and are the first choice for making mid-to-high-end badges.

3. Copper paint badges are widely used in company badges, intermediate and high-level badges of some teams, and some collectible badges.


1. Etching

Use a specially formulated chemical acid to corrode to make the characters and patterns appear. Commonly used in employee badges, metal badges, work badges, nameplates, signs and plaques.

2. Die stamping

The badges, which are stamped, die-cast, and injection-molded through the stereotyped mold developed and developed by skilled craftsmen, are mostly used for the production of metal badges, logos, and high-end badges. Often known for having a three-dimensional effect.

3. Exquisite printing

It is cut by machine printing patterns, pasted on metal or other materials, and then dripped on the surface. This kind of craft is mostly used in customers' high-quality requirements for exquisite patterns, such as color gradation, layering performance, and spot color configuration. Its styles are elegant and unique, and are loved by the majority of users.

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