Custom race medals
Custom race medals

Race medals are more than just a reward for completing a race. Your runner will cherish them as a reminder of their hard work and a great gift. You can give them an awards medal medal that tells their story and highlights their accomplishments. You will proudly display the medal, which will encourage them to come back year after year.

High quality custom medals are a great way for all races to commemorate their accomplishments. At, you don't have to settle for just one type of medal. With a variety of finishes, from gold, silver and bronze, to even American flags, you can easily customize a range of medals to fit your race.

Running Medals

The best way to thank your runners is to choose one of our running medals. These personalized medals can be displayed by the runner to show family and friends how hard they ran.

The race medals for sale at are of the highest quality. Our designs are they are inspiring and beautiful. You can choose the first, second or third place lapel for each medal. This allows you to differentiate between the winners. Whether you are organizing a race, a fun run or another event, winning a running medal will be memorable.

Choosing the right custom race medal

There are many benefits to custom medals.

Custom medals require a greater investment than those made from pre-made materials. The biggest benefit is not avoiding risk, but creating the best plan of action. If you have a solid vision and plan, your recognition program will be a huge success.

Improve your public image. Your audience will notice that you are serious about recognition by displaying beautiful and thoughtful plaques at your events. They will see you as a positive organization that celebrates others.

Strengthen your relationships. Recognize award winners with tangible recognition. It shows that you value their accomplishments and respect them. You will be able to build stronger relationships with them in the future as you strive to make them feel special.

It's your brand. Your company branding concept will allow you to use your awards to promote and grow your business. In a design that you can share, you can highlight your company's values.

Organizing a sporting event can be exhausting. There's a lot to do before the competition pistol launch, but you don't need to worry about the quality of awards and presenting them. We are experts in custom award plaques and understand the importance of We will help you find the best awards so you don't have to worry about the competition.

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